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Food News and Chews TV -- About Us

What do you get when you combine the ingredients of a rising star in Chef Jeremy Ashby of Azur Restaurant & Patio and a policy wonk cook-aphobic Sylvia Lovely? -- Stir up the stew and you get the unlikely pairing of co-hosts of Food News and Chews TV (FN&C). 

Not just about cooking, FN&C is all about food and its place in our lives.  And more than just one more recipe for cheese onion dip or leftovers after Thanksgiving, the world of food is explored as something more than that in our lives and culture.  Whether related to health and wellness, safety, environmental protection, economic strength or access and affordability, food lies at the root.

But, wait a minute.  How is FN&C different from all the rest of food shows?  First of all, we seek first and foremost through our on-air time, web sites, blogs (www.foodnewsandchews.com and www.sunnysideupradio.com) and facebook presence to bring the "tribe" the latest in information they can use to cut through the noise of confusion that defines the bewildering wild west of today's media.  Who on their own can sift among the conflicting reports on what is natural, organic and conventional much less how it impacts on your family's health.  Who knows whether or not Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) introduced into much of the food supply to make sure we get visually dazzling tomatoes in January are harmful to human health.  All we know is that food is more and more linked to health and wellness both physical and spiritual and we need to be educated as to what to do.

At FN&C, we bring you the latest in food news and policy, timely interviews with "food people" including chefs, restaurant entrepreneurs, serious policy makers and even moonshiners!  We also feature the latest products and gadgets that make the food you prepare both healthy and tasty as well as those that save time and improve quality.  And, though our subject matter is indeed serious, we know how to poke fun at ourselves (note that Sylvia has appeared as Wyatt Earp complete with mustache and tall hat).  We call our approach "serious fun." 

Tune in and catch an interview with a groundbreaking chef, a recipe for that holiday special occasion or for food news:  ranging the latest on the farm bill to how a surge of honey from rogue bees nearly swallowed up New York City this past summer (not kidding).   

Come explore all that and more by joining in the fun every Sunday evening at 11:00 on Fox 56.