Sylvia Lovely

Sylvia LovelySylvia is President of Sylvia Lovely & Associates. She often introduces herself as a lawyer by training, a CEO by experience and a media mogul … in her dreams. What is clear is that she brings her expertise as a lawyer and her 22 years at the Kentucky League of Cities – 20 years as CEO – to the table. As for the media mogul part, it is clear that as a speaker, writer, teacher and commentator about issues relating to the new rules of the 21st century and the bewildering times in which we live, she brings her ability to tell the story in order to help leaders and the organizations and communities they oversee achieve their goals and objectives and seize the opportunities that await them.

While at KLC, Sylvia recognized the important local food movement as citizens reacted to a world growing bewildering out of control by seizing upon the importance of locally produced products including crafts and food. She was an early pioneer in the farm to city movement serving on the Board of Partners for Family Farms, requiring that her own KLC convention serve “local” foods and travelling the state making presentations on the importance of engaging local people in the movement. While at KLC she founded the nonprofit New Cities Institute, an organization devoted to civic engagement and the building of strong communities from the ground up.

She has authored two books – The Little Blue Book of Big Ideas – New Cities in America and The Little Red Book of Everyday Heroes. Both books are celebrations of community and provide profiles of both the principles of community building and the unsung heroes who serve at the local level and how they overcome challenges in a new era of building community. She is a frequent contributor to public radio, has appeared on the Lou Dobbs Tonight promoting Main Street and the power of ordinary people to make a difference. She has had guest editorials published throughout the country and is known as a storyteller – reflecting her strong Appalachian mountain heritage.