10 Irish Things About Alltech You May Not Know

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, here are few quick facts about Alltech's Irish heritage you may not know


1. The Drs. Lyons

The Lyons family are all Irish, all doctors, and each play a leading role in the company. Dr. Pearse Lyons, is founder and president of Alltech. His wife Deirdre is Director of Corporate Design; daughter Aoife Lyons, Director of Educational Initiatives; and son Mark is Vice-President of Corporate Affairs, and is currently heading up Alltech China.


2. The Lyons Family Heritage

The Lyons family have a long history in the beverage industry. Dr. Lyons' great-grandfather worked as a cooper producing oak barrels at the Bow Street Cooperage, part of the Jameson distillery business.


3. Alltech's European Headquarters

Ireland is considered Alltech’s gateway to Europe. Dunboyne, Ireland, is home to Alltech's European Headquarters and one of Alltech's Bioscience Centers.


4. Kentucky

Alltech's Global Headquarters is in the state of Kentucky in the USA. The famous U.S. statesman Henry Clay referred to Kentucky as the "Ireland of America" in testament to its horses, rolling hills, distilleries and stone fences. Dr. Lyons is a recipient of the prestigious Henry Clay Award.


5. Storytelling

Alltech's marketing is founded on starting conversations, telling stories, and making friends - very much in the oral tradition of Ireland.


6. Singing

Music is key in the rich history of Ireland. That's the driving force behind Alltech sponsored music festivals, and an annual Vocal Scholarship Competition. If you are at an Alltech event however big or small, some way, some how, there's going to be singing.


7. Irish Dancing

You are just as likely to witness traditional Irish dancing wherever you encounter Alltech - and that could be anywhere in the world. At major trade shows events, from Atlanta, USA, to Bangkok, Thailand, you will see and hear colourful traditional Irish dancers.


8. Agriculture and Food

Agriculture is key to Alltech's success representing more than 95% of our sales. So it is with Ireland, with the agri-food sector representing 24 billion euros and 150,000 jobs for the economy.


9. Brewing and Distilling

Alltech has its own brewing and distilling business, based on its expertise in fermentation. Each year Alltech hosts craft brewing festivals in Dublin, Ireland and in Lexington, Kentucky. Our first beer, Kentucky Ale, is in part based on an Irish red ale tradition.


10. A Culture of Ideas

From the 6th century Irish monks who ‘saved western civilization’ to the modern poets, authors, and scientists, Ireland celebrates the value of ideas. The same is true in Alltech where our curiosity about nature drives innovation. Irishmen Aidan Connolly, Chief Innovation Officer and Dr. Ronan Power, director of Life Sciences embody that spirit.


Visit hms.alltech.com/stpatricksday for a glimpse of beautiful Ireland

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Alltech is a proud sponsor of Food News and Chews. Alltech was founded in 1980 by Dr. Pearse Lyons with a mission to improve animal health and performance by adding nutritional value to feed. Headquartered in Nicholasville, Kentucky, Alltech is now one of the leading animal health and nutrition companies in the world with approximately 2300 employees in 128 countries.